"The prospect of starting counseling may feel overwhelming. Understanding that the process is structured and purposeful often helps to alleviate concerns."



What to expect from your appointments


Our first 1-2 sessions may be a little different than what is typically expected in counseling. This time is devoted to getting to know you and determining your needs and goals. Before we transition into our regular sessions, I will share an overview of what our work will likely be. Part of our work will involve identifying your patterns of feeling, thinking, behaving that might be hindering your growth. 

Some of this is formal, but this is also the time where we get to know each other and establish our working relationship. Research consistently shows that having a safe and trusting relationship between client and therapist has strong positive influence on outcomes. These beginning sessions can be an opportunity for you to decide whether you feel comfortable enough to continue working with me. The most important thing is your health and growth, so if it feels like I am not a good fit for you, I would be happy to provide referrals to other professionals.

Regular Meetings

After prioritizing your goals, we will discuss the length and frequency of counseling sessions and will schedule regular, weekly meetings.

Counseling is tough work and requires commitment and resolve to change. Together we will identify patterns that maintain distress and seek to facilitate acceptance and expression of personal needs. While you will hopefully gain insight and self-awareness in sessions, the most important work happens between sessions as you apply what is learned and experienced into your everyday life. In time, the counseling process will facilitate the emergence of new solutions to old problems and help you integrate these into your daily life.


Once we have successfully worked towards your goals and completed therapy, our final 1-2 sessions will focus on revisiting your progress and consolidating your experience in counseling. We will also make plans for integrating your new skills and patterns for the future.  

For answers to commonly asked questions about psychotherapy, please visit the "Common Questions" section. If you have more questions about what to expect from counseling, please do not hesitate to ask.  If you are ready to begin, please schedule an appointment online or contact me via email or phone.