Sexuality and Gender Identity

I devote an entire section to human sexuality and gender identity because these are such important parts of who we are. Counseling related to gender identity and sexuality can address education, values clarification, exploration of attitudes and beliefs, relationship issues, and exploration of self as a sexual and gendered person. Sexuality and gender are both broad and nuanced; thus, counseling must encompass and celebrate the diversity of the human experience.

Despite its prevalence, sex, sexuality, and gender are still often difficult constructs to talk about, especially when these are causing personal or relational distress. Counseling seeks to offer a safe and non-judgmental place to address those questions and concerns. This can be accomplished in individual counseling, couples counseling, or a combination. 

Some aspects of normal human sexuality and gender identity development may cause distress. Such concerns may occur in:

  • Gender identity development

  • Sexual orientation

  • Discrimination or systemic oppression

  • Personal beliefs or values

  • Spirituality or religion

  • Sexual functioning