I am a licensed clincial professional counselor (LCPC), clinical supervisor, and doctorate researcher in downtown Boise. As a counselor, I provide authentic, compassionate, and ethical support for adults. As a professor and supervisor, I guide emerging professionals in becoming self-aware and ethically-competent helpers. As a doctoral student, I am currently researching pedagogical strategies for attending to the working alliance between students and professors. 

I bring specialized training in Eye-movement desensitization/reprocessing (EMDR) therapy, Emotionally-focused therapy (EFT) for relationships, and working with LGBTQIAP+ clients. I believe in the transforming power of emotion and secure attachment for facilitating the processes of change, development, and healing. In whatever context, I am strongly committed to empowering and supporting others to know themselves more fully, to have relationships with deeper intimacy, and to know the richness and beauty of life in all its abundance.